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How to write a good CV when applying to be a dentist

Dentistry is a profession concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the diseases concerned with the oral cavity. Dentistry is a tough profession and the students spend most of their time engrossed in studying that they nearly neglect their dental CV to get the job. But when they get near to it, they get confused by contradictory dos and don’ts. They seem a bit nervous while writing their CV’s which is totally understandable. The sole purpose of your CV is to show off your expertise and accomplishments and how they make you the best fit for the job. Your CV won’t get you the job but it will surely shortlist you for the job. In this article, we have summed up some of the tips to make your CV look exceptional.


There is no right or wrong way to write a CV but there are some important points to cover. These include:

  • Private and contact data.
  • Schooling and qualification.
  • Work history and/or practice.
  • Appropriate abilities to the job.
  • Interests, accomplishments or hobbies.


First 15-20 lines are vital for your CV. Don’t assume that an employer will see how your experience communicates with their job, use a personal profile to explain why you are the best fit for this job. A ‘Personal Profile’ can be used as an introduction to your CV. On a personal basis, you should be writing how good a character you have and why you are the best fit for this job. Tell a little about your background, who you are and where you come from. On a professional basis, you have to write your experience in dentistry. You would elaborate when you qualified, how much experience you have, what areas of dentistry you would prefer, and what dental software you have a practice in or any other detail.


A clear and concise CV is the first way by which you can impress your employer. An employer takes about 20-30 seconds to scan your CV and if it contains a good flow and easy to read, it immediately gets in the good books of the employer.


It is acclaimed that you arrange your CV by experience. As education comes first, so, start with that and come down from there.


You must re-read your CV to help remove any typos and grammatical errors. A CV besieged with spelling and grammatical mistakes will only leave a bad impression on your employer. Therefore, make sure to re-read it to make it a nice and smooth finishing.


Thousands of students have done dentistry and are applying to the same job as you. Therefore, you must add a certain quality that makes you stand out in the horde of other candidates which makes your employer’s life much easier because of the extensive knowledge and skill that you possess.


Many people have a lot of skills but do you any skill that makes you stand out? Do you know any foreign language? Are you the world’s best dentist? Add any skill appropriate to what they intend to need.


You need to show off your leadership skills to apply for a dental job. Add your interest of working up in a team or as a responsible leader or anything that can make you stand out.


These references should be from anyone who has worked for the same thing in the past or can guarantee your abilities and accomplishments. If you have no one then you can write your teacher’s name in the reference box.

These tips will surely make your CV look flawless and exceptional and you will be shortlisted for a dentist job undoubtedly.

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